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And So It Begins


School. Has. Started.

And I couldn’t be happier. I function so much better on a schedule.  We only had students for 1/2 a day on Friday. And we had our institute day on Thursday, but both days I was able to spend the afternoon in my classroom. I somehow lucked out and didn’t have to be in any meetings. I don’t mind meetings, but it was super nice to have the time in my classroom getting reacquainted with my space and making sure I’m ready to go tomorrow.

The kids this year are a different breed. I teach in a small community and the majority of the kids in 7th grade have been together since Kindergarten. It was easy to see on this year’s first day that they were comfortable with each other. I don’t do seating charts until we get passed the quiet beginning of the year attitudes and into who the kid really is. I’ll be having a seating chart on Monday.

I am optimistic that these vocal kids will be fun to have in class. And hopefully it means they aren’t shy about participating.

Rights and Responsibilities went over well. And I think they got a feel about the kind of classroom I run – productive but fun.  I think it will be a good year.

Time spent working since my last post: 1660 minutes

– Most of this time was spent sending out welcome letters, sending out copy work, coaching cross country, making the resources needed forlesson activities, & creating tests


Just Wanna Make the World Dance


Last week I heard a great song on the radio, and I couldn’t stop thinking about how perfect the chorus was to explain how I feel about my career. I am a teacher. I love my job.  People who know how much a teacher really puts in (I will be tracking my time spent working this year as a challenge presented by Charlie Ripley) sometimes wonder why I do it year after year for just enough money to pay the bills. It’s simple “it’s not about the cha-ching cha-ching, it’s not about the ba-bling ba-bling, we just wanna make the world dance”.

 I wanna make the world dance.


*Price Tag by Jessie J

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